Jib Branding

So we've put up our new logos and hope you guys like them! It's our first step in realizing a big brand that will shock the world in a couple of years and have Blogger begging to buy us out for a gizillion! (I am kidding, ha. ha. ha.)  Forming a brand is always hard--the core values, the principles, the message, the communication style, the story-telling, the advertising, and of course the caring part.  But naturally, being a "jib" blog we really have no values or principles other than entertaining you guys, and our communication style can be described as "free-style" I suppose (to sound nicer than jib). However, it's something we believe in and feel comfortable with and would like to strive and make it heard.

So by all means, if anyone wants to give us some aid or tips or pointers (or even FREE consulting) it would be great and like the holy grace to us.  If you have nothing to offer, at least show some love, click on some ads to keep supporting this site massive brand.


Microsoft gets a low-blow

So we've talked about the Microsoft ads and how great they are yada yada yada and how much they spent on it, all-in-all to counter mac. However, the truth is that the ads themselves were created on macs! Hidden information from the images on the Microsoft website revealed the frightening truth and makes it all super ironic (note the "Software" information, 4th line down).

It's understandable though, because the ads were most likely produced by an agency, not within Microsoft, and most design agencies DO use mac so it wasn't quite a surprise. But nonetheless, still feels like a shot to the kidney when this sort of stuff happens.


Microsoft is jibbing their own brand

Alright to start off, don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those haters against Microsoft (even though I HAVE laughed at their numerous blue screen jokes, including the latest one) and they are pretty cool amazing in a lot of things they have done. However, the latest I'm a PC ads just don't really cut it, some are quite good but some are really border-line crap and THEN now their new mouse with some new technology has this ad below:

LOL what a nice way to torture a mouse though, honestly I thought the mouse's brain would've blown up already because of all the air pressure and what-not science that I don't get. It has NOTHING to do with anything at all. On a metaphorical level I think it's too far of a stretch too from this mouse to that mouse, even though it is kind of funny but you'll forget it after 2 more Youtube videos probably.

People thought the early Sony PlayStation 3 ads were weird...I think this is somewhere up to par as well, or maybe I am just an idiot who doesn't get branding at all -- what can I say, I'm just an average consumer like 90% of the people who watches the ads.


the new pepsi

sooo pepsi has changed their new logo about a week ago and 'm sure it'll take quite a while before it settles in on all of us. There are lots of people bitching about it already (saves me some hassle) and here are a few assumption round-ups about the designer + the team responsible for the redesign concept from various sources:

The Ass-crack
(a perverted designer)

And he must be a korean
(See the resemblance?)

And pretty english illiterate as they've decided that Mountain Dew is too long and will now be known as "MtnDew".

Anyway personally I think it's always cool to redesign your brand, get that new pop out of your consumers and employees and keep everyone going feeling fresh but so far I am not really digging it at all.  Also I wish I could have some of that money they'll be spending on ALL the rebottling, repackaging, repainting (of the trucks), and reprints of everything and anything they have!

What do you guys think of the new logo?

PS. Well I'm digging that font though A LOT, so i'm not totally hating it. And look 'ma!  I just redesigned apple's logo! weeeee