Jib Branding

So we've put up our new logos and hope you guys like them! It's our first step in realizing a big brand that will shock the world in a couple of years and have Blogger begging to buy us out for a gizillion! (I am kidding, ha. ha. ha.)  Forming a brand is always hard--the core values, the principles, the message, the communication style, the story-telling, the advertising, and of course the caring part.  But naturally, being a "jib" blog we really have no values or principles other than entertaining you guys, and our communication style can be described as "free-style" I suppose (to sound nicer than jib). However, it's something we believe in and feel comfortable with and would like to strive and make it heard.

So by all means, if anyone wants to give us some aid or tips or pointers (or even FREE consulting) it would be great and like the holy grace to us.  If you have nothing to offer, at least show some love, click on some ads to keep supporting this site massive brand.


JH29 said...

Jib Sports is by far the best site in the Jib Kingdom!

Jibber said...

FYI, here's the URL to Jib Sports!!


dc said...

put my page there too!