Microsoft is jibbing their own brand

Alright to start off, don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those haters against Microsoft (even though I HAVE laughed at their numerous blue screen jokes, including the latest one) and they are pretty cool amazing in a lot of things they have done. However, the latest I'm a PC ads just don't really cut it, some are quite good but some are really border-line crap and THEN now their new mouse with some new technology has this ad below:

LOL what a nice way to torture a mouse though, honestly I thought the mouse's brain would've blown up already because of all the air pressure and what-not science that I don't get. It has NOTHING to do with anything at all. On a metaphorical level I think it's too far of a stretch too from this mouse to that mouse, even though it is kind of funny but you'll forget it after 2 more Youtube videos probably.

People thought the early Sony PlayStation 3 ads were weird...I think this is somewhere up to par as well, or maybe I am just an idiot who doesn't get branding at all -- what can I say, I'm just an average consumer like 90% of the people who watches the ads.

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