the new pepsi

sooo pepsi has changed their new logo about a week ago and 'm sure it'll take quite a while before it settles in on all of us. There are lots of people bitching about it already (saves me some hassle) and here are a few assumption round-ups about the designer + the team responsible for the redesign concept from various sources:

The Ass-crack
(a perverted designer)

And he must be a korean
(See the resemblance?)

And pretty english illiterate as they've decided that Mountain Dew is too long and will now be known as "MtnDew".

Anyway personally I think it's always cool to redesign your brand, get that new pop out of your consumers and employees and keep everyone going feeling fresh but so far I am not really digging it at all.  Also I wish I could have some of that money they'll be spending on ALL the rebottling, repackaging, repainting (of the trucks), and reprints of everything and anything they have!

What do you guys think of the new logo?

PS. Well I'm digging that font though A LOT, so i'm not totally hating it. And look 'ma!  I just redesigned apple's logo! weeeee

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